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 This remarkable book gives you instant access to over 650 widely used words – touch words or pictures and hear each word spoken by native speakers. The dictionary is available in 35 bilingual editions with English. Simply touch the word with the PEN and hear it spoken either in English or the language of your choice.

With the TalkingPEN you can also listen and then practise your pronunciation by recording yourself onto each page. You can record onto any word or picture, then save your recordings. Practise your pronunciation, and then record again to hear your progress! When learning English listen to each word at the touch of the TalkingPEN or hear the word used in a sentence. Easy to use, this is an ideal resource to support the learning of English, or for anyone wanting to learn a new language.


All the books come in dual language: ENGLISH with.... please select the language you want from the drop down list. Also please select the audio file you wish for your TalkingPEN. The audio file is FREE to download into your MagicPEN or RecorderPEN or the new PENpal. Please ensure that you include an email.



Price: Rs. 600.00
Rs. 600.00
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