Add Words to your Own Items

Customise your own items:

3 ways to use TalkingPENs in your own publications - be they manuals, books, letters, posters, photos. The beauty of audio is that the quantity of information is not limited to the size of a page. Add a third dimension to paper!

  • Method 1. This is low cost and instant. Use our extensive range of over 2000 unique stickers and attach them to existing publications. Then, with the patented “Record” function in TalkingPEN, you can make your own recordings. Change the recordings as often as you wish.  Each label can hold over 1 hour of audio content. Ideal for adding audio commentary to photographs.You can choose a special set of stickers that ensures users need your authority to record over your recordings. A set of 300 labels sell at Rs900, and you can record over them as often as you like.
  • Method 2. Add soundspots inside your existing artwork, for a more designed publication. Soundspots can be of any size and shape, and can overlay illustrations without intruding. Send us a pdf of your content and a copy highlighting where you wish the soundspots to be. We will return a new pdf with soundspots in place. You can print out the pdf using a typical 1200 dpi laser printer or litho printing.  The cost varies depending on the number of sound spots required, but typically for a piece of A4 artwork this would be around Rs1000. Intensive colour artwork will affect pricing.
  • Method 3. For artwork where a single soundspot can have two recordings - yours (the author) and one for your reader. Imagine the Periodic table. You may wish to say things about the element Iron (Fe). You do not wish anyone to record over the audio you have made about Iron. However, and here is the amazing point, you do wish the reader (be they a teacher or a parent) to also say what they want for their specific child or class about the element Iron. This third method allows the soundspot for Iron to hold two recordings. By alternating the mode button on the TalkingPEN, both recordings can be accessed instantly. This is a great way for any author to allow their work tobe personalised for any specific audience. Engineering manuals or instruction manuals, for instance, can have instructions in English and the user can also put in their vwesion in Hindi! Simply supply a pdf and your audio mp3. A typical price for this feature is Rs1500 per A4 to Rs3000.