Li’s Chinese New Year

Li’s Chinese New Year

It’s nearly New Year and Li can’t decide which animal he’s going
to be in the special school assembly. Will he
be a fierce tiger or
a strong ox? And what year will his new cousin be born in?

Find each of the 12 zodiac animals on your way through the
story and discover facts and activities relating to the festival at
the back of the book. Why not use the TalkingPEN to add
sounds to all the zodiac animals?

There are loads of activities at the end of each book - making
a mask, special foods, etc - which are bound to keep children
engaged and learning.


All the books come in dual language: ENGLISH with.... please select the language you want from the drop down list. Also please select the audio file you wish for your TalkingPEN. The audio file is FREE to download into your MagicPEN or RecorderPEN or the new PENpal. Please ensure that you include an email.

Price: Rs. 400.00
Rs. 400.00
Choose an audio file: English with ...
Please select the dual language: English with ...