Ages 3:7


Goldilocks walks through the woods until she arrives at the
bears' house and sees three steaming bowls of 
Will she heed the warning of the friendly mouse?

You can play interactive games and listen to key words with
the RecorderPEN. You and your children can even record yourselves and then save and play back page by page.
Ideal for developing language skills: listening, reading and creative story telling.


All the books come in dual language: ENGLISH with.... please select the language you want from the drop down list. Also please select the audio file you wish for your TalkingPEN. The audio file is FREE to download into your MagicPEN or RecorderPEN or the new PENpal. Please ensure that you include an email.


Price: Rs. 400.00
Rs. 400.00
Choose an audio file: English with ...
Please select the dual language: English with ...